14 Cozy Scandinavian Decor Ideas You Need for Fall

Simple, fresh and happy-making -there’s just so much to love about Scandinavian decor! Transitioning from breezy summer vibes into a busier and more hectic fall can be stressful, but integrating the minimalism so prevalent in Nordic culture works wonders to make your world more mellow and mindful. Bright, natural light will boost your mood while hidden storage solutions will eliminate clutter from your life (and your brain). Whether you choose to adopt all or just some of these 18 style tips, bringing any measure of the Scandinavian aesthetic into your home will let you breathe a little easier this season.

1. All White Everything: Simple and sleek is the name of the Scandi game. Building a white foundation and playing around with textures and styles demonstrates just how versatile a white backdrop can be. (via Kathy Kuo Home)

2. Color Pops: Thoughtfully placed pops of color will make your simple design sing. These small, colorful accents make a big splash with a modest statement. (via Little House on the Corner)

3. Let There Be Light: Nordics love their natural light. Breezy curtains will protect your privacy while letting in plenty of rays to keep your mood in tip-top shape this winter. (via Adore Magazine)

4. Clean Lines: When it comes to Scandi design, busy patterns take a backseat to clean lines. Create visual interest by playing with line shapes, silhouettes and contrasts. (via So Lebich)

5. Color Coated: Just because you’re going the simple route doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with color. Bold blues pair perfectly with the organic accents so prevalent in this style. (via French by Design)

6. Geometric Shapes: When you keep your foundation simple, you can have all kinds of fun with geometric shapes. Keep your colors subtle and let your silhouettes do the talking with compelling angles and sharp lines. (via Coco Lapine Design)

7. Organic Accents: Bring the outdoors in with plants and natural furniture. Touches of nature fill this living room with a chill essence while eclectic accents create visual intrigue. (via Bloglovin’)

8. Naked Chic: Neutral colors in complementary tones round out this style, while a simple plant in lieu of an end table makes it come alive. (via The Design Files)

9. Organizational Bliss: The office organization struggle is real. If clutter gets in the way of your creativity, adopting a minimalist approach just might be the solution you’ve been looking for. (via Frenchy Fancy)

10. Pattern Play: If you want to simplify your abode but don’t want to sacrifice your love of patterns, don’t fret! Clean-lined designs in crisp colors add personality without taking over the space. (via Bloglovin’)

11. Personal Touch: Speaking of personality, this is a great example of how to integrate yours while maintaining a minimalist vibe. A select few eclectic accents in unexpected places will put a unique stamp on your design without cluttering the aesthetic. (via Shift Interiors)

12. Lovely Layers: Monochrome colors and organic accents are made more compelling with artful layering. Layer colors, shapes and sizes to create more depth and visual interest. (via Mliees)

13. Storage Solutions: Scandinavians are all about smart storage to keep visuals clean and sophisticated. Integrate furniture with clever storage solutions to achieve a clutter-free home with ease. (via Bloglovin’)
14. Darker Tones Work, Too: Bright and white aren’t your only options to make this style shine. Darker colors supported by complementary tones, geometric patterns and clean lines will let you play with color without sacrificing the simplicity that makes Scandi style so special. (via Adairs)

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