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14 Cozy Scandinavian Decor Ideas You Need for Fall

Simple, fresh and happy-making -there’s just so much to love about Scandinavian decor ! Transitioning from breezy summer vibes into a busier and more hectic fall can be stressful, but integrating the minimalism so prevalent in Nordic culture works wonders to make your world more mellow and mindful. Bright, natural light will boost your mood while hidden storage solutions will eliminate clutter from your life (and your brain). Whether you choose to adopt all or just some of these 18 style tips, bringing any measure of the Scandinavian aesthetic into your home will let you breathe a little easier this season.

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As the weekend and the Canadian Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t help but start to slow down and find a few hours to relax. For me, one of my favorite things to do, long before I became an interior designer and blogger, was seeing homes and gathering info about interiors and collecting these interior design ideas every week is, without a doubt, an opportunity I have to share a hobby of mine with all of you.  Today’s post is really fun! There are great ideas for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, every space, and I surely hope you enjoy seeing each and every picture. Let’s start it! Lighting is similar to Kenroy Home Capri Pendant in Chrome – $162 each. Ruard Veltman Architecture. Rustic Kitchen Rough Hewn Hood Ruard Veltman Architecture. Living Room Wall Cabinet Living room with upholstered built-in cabinet. Ruard Veltman Architecture. Breakfast Nook Table LIV Design Collective. Kitchen Goals The wood floor is a pre-finished engi